SofLens 38

By Bausch + Lomb (6 Lenses/Box)
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SofLens 38 Product Information

SofLens 38 contact lenses combine a high-performance with time-tested lens material that provides crisp, clear vision, comfort, and deposit resistance.

  • Manufactured by Bausch + Lomb.
  • SofLens 38 contact lenses are noted for their sturdy handling properties.
  • Time-tested, deposit-resistant material for excellent comfort.
  • Visibility tint and an inversion indicator makes the SofLens 38 lens easy to handle and insert.
  • Lenses can be worn on a daily basis or extended wear for up to 7 consecutive days.

About this lens:

This lens also has an inversion marker which makes it easy to tell if the lens is inside out. Frequent replacement of lenses provides better eye health and increased comfort and convenience.

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Customer reviews

Worn for Years

by Jennifer

When I had my eye appointment this morning the optometrist was not fond of my choice in wearing these contacts saying there are more advanced choices. I however will not be switching until they stop making these I've been wearing this brand at least 10 years and have never had issues with them. My eyes do start to feel tired after wearing them 10-12 hours but the optometrist said that is common with most all lenses.

Comfort Rating: 5
Vision Rating: 5
Overall Rating: 5

by John

I have worn these for years with no problems whatsoever. These lenses are very comfortable compared to others I have tried in the past.

Comfort Rating: 5
Vision Rating: 5
Overall Rating: 5