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AIR OPTIX COLORS Product Information

AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses combine beautiful color with a highly breathable material for white healthy looking eyes, and a smooth surface for comfortable lens wear. The unique 3 in 1 color technology blends with the eye color to provide a beautiful, natural appearance. AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses are available in a full range of beautiful colors, from subtle to vibrant.

  • AIR OPTIX® Colors are a monthly disposable contact lens from Alcon, formerly CibaVision.
  • AIR OPTIX® Colors contact lenses provide an advanced combination of oxygen and moisture for a healthy, natural feeling.
  • AIR OPTIX® Colors lenses have a unique moisture agent that helps lubricate the lens for all day comfort from the start.

About this lens:

AIR OPTIX® Colors breathable contact lenses deliver an advanced combination of oxygen and moisture for a healthy, natural feeling. The lens also offers excellent all-day comfort right from the start. Clinical research shows the lens sustains its performance through a month of wear. In rare cases, loss of vision may result. Side effects like discomfort, mild burning or stinging may occur.

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Customer reviews

Great color contacts

by SC

Color contacts are getting so much better and I found these to be comfortable. Way more comfortable than other color contacts I ve had in the past. I have blue eyes and red hair and I think the Brilliant Blue is too blue and fake so I won t get those again but the Gemstone Green looks awesome. I will be trying the Sterling Gray next and maybe Honey. I can wear them comfortably all day and don t need eye drops or anything.

Comfort Rating: 5
Vision Rating: 4
Color Rating: 4
Overall Rating: 4


Look like a freak

by anonymous

I can see the center of my natural eye color and it looks weird.

Comfort Rating: 4
Vision Rating: 5
Color Rating: 1
Overall Rating: 2


Exited I was

by Rebeca

I was exited to recieive the sterling gray color Then I tried it on at home I kept noticing that my vision was blurred and there was some gray specks that I could see at the corner of my eye. I am so disappointed I wish I could use the contacts but overall I wasted 84 on a beautiful color that I can t even use The lenses the self are comfortable and I feel like they are made thicker and more comfortable to my likening

Comfort Rating: 5
Vision Rating: 1
Color Rating: 5
Overall Rating: 2


very comfortable but the vibrant colors are too fake looking

by Marie83

I ve had a few kinds of this brand of contacts and I like to branch out and try different colors sometimes but a word of warning the brilliant blue looks like someone took blue pieces of plastic and put them on my eyes. No way can they pass for natural. The original blue is much prettier as well as the other original colors especially hazel

Comfort Rating: 5
Vision Rating: 5
Color Rating: 1
Overall Rating: 3


Comfort and Natural Looking Color

by M. Harrison

I have a very low prescription of -0.25 so I can t speak on how these would be for someone with a stronger prescription. The color I have is Pure Hazel and my natural eye color is Medium Brown. I find that you will need drops if you plan to wear them for more than 15 hours but other than that they were great
M. Harrison

Comfort Rating: 5
Vision Rating: 4
Color Rating: 5
Overall Rating: 5