Bausch + Lomb ULTRA

By Bausch + Lomb (6 Lenses/Box)
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Lens Prescription
Eye OD (Right)
BC 8.5
DIA 14.2
Eye OS (Left)
BC 8.5
DIA 14.2
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Bausch + Lomb ULTRA Product Information

NEW! Bausch + Lomb ULTRA contact lenses with MoistureSeal® technology helps prevent lens dehydration that may be caused by reduced blink rates. Spending more time on digital devices may mean you are less satisfied with your contact lenses.

  • MoistureSeal technology to help prevent lens dryness
  • Retain moisture for a full 16 hours
  • Provide superior end-of-day vision* for digital device users
  • Monthly replacement schedule.

* Among the leading silicone hydrogel lenses

About this lens:

Frequent use of a smart phone, tablet or computer may cause you to blink less, which could contribute to your contact lenses drying out. The MoistureSeal® technology is truly a breakthrough in contact lens comfort.

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Customer reviews

Liked my pure vision 2 MUCH BETTER

by anonymous

These rip easy..I can t sleep in them. I wake up with my eyes swollen. My problem and I never had one rip Going back to my purevison 2

Comfort Rating: 2
Vision Rating: 4
Overall Rating: 3


Love love love them

by Joslyn

These lenses are sooooo comfortable I work on a computer all day I don t have to constantly blink or rub by eyes to focus. They are so comfortable that I forget they are in I have never been happier with a lens in my life I used to wear the o2 optics kind but these are way better They don t feel cheap like they are so delicate that when you clean them they will fall apart like some others I ve used. I really love them

Comfort Rating: 5
Vision Rating: 5
Overall Rating: 5


Good lenses but...

by Pat

The good is these lenses are exceptionally comfortable to wear for the entire day and well into the evening. They retain moisture really well and rarely feel dried out in my eyes. The bad is that the comfort costs more and the lenses are so thin and delicate they are easy to tear with just regular handling. I ve ripped several and have had to spend more money to replace them. After tearing up the first few I am extremely careful with them and they still tear. I am very pleased with the comfort of these lenses but am considering going back to my old Optima lenses next time. They may not be quite as comfortable for quite as long but they are much less likely to rip with normal handling and much less expensive. Comfort vs. cost it s your decision.

Comfort Rating: 5
Vision Rating: 4
Overall Rating: 4


Good Job

by Jason

This is an excellent use of technology

Comfort Rating: 5
Vision Rating: 4
Overall Rating: 5